William Heath (Biographical details)

William Heath (printmaker; British; Male; 1794 - 1840)

Also known as

Heath, William; Pry, Paul; Argus


5 Stangate, Lambeth, London (1809-10)


Satirical printmaker; b. Northumberland, d. Hampstead, London. Began career as Captain of Dragoons, began printmaking in 1809; 1827-9 used pseudonym Paul Pry (from the name of a character in a comedy of 1825 by John Poole, that became a tag used for any very inquisitive person) with the emblem of a small man holding a walking stick in a lower corner of his plates; this figure soon copied by other caricaturists (eg Sharpshooter, q.v.), and so from 1828 Heath began to sign his plates with his full name. Published regularly by Thomas McLean.