Dorothea Graff (Biographical details)

Dorothea Graff (painter/draughtsman; German; Female; 1678 - 1743)

Also known as

Graff, Dorothea Maria Henrietta; Gsell, Dorothea Maria Henrietta; Gsell, Dorothea Henrica; Gsell, Maria Dorothea; Hendriks-Graff, Dorothea Maria


Painter, draughtsman, engraver, natural scientific illustrator, curator at the Academy of Lehrerin.Younger daughter of the artists, Johann Andreas Graff (q.v) and Maria Sibylla Merian (q.v.). Married 1) a surgeon Philipp Hendriks in 1701, who died between 1711 and 1715; 2) the Swiss painter, Georg Gsell in 1717. In 1717 after her mother's death, she published the third volume of Maria Sibylla's work on the European caterpillar (Der Rupsen). She then moved to St Petersburg with her husband who was adviser to Tsar Peter on the acquistion of Dutch art for the Peterhof Palace. Appointed at the Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg to paint animals, plants, art works and antiquities in the Kunstkamera, by the Tsar. She also trained young draftsmen, in connection with the Kunstkamera collection. Died in St Petersburg.


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