Adriaen De Hennin (Biographical details)

Adriaen De Hennin (painter/draughtsman; Dutch; Male; 1665 - 1710; fl.)

Also known as

Hennin, Adriaen de; Hennin, Adriaen; D'Hennin, Adriaen; Henny, Adrien; Henne, Adriaen


Landscape painter and occasional portraitist; was in the Hague Guild in 1665 and studied with Berghem; spent two years in Paris where he developed a Gaspardesque manner, probably settled in England c.1676 where he was close to the Beales. Vertue quotes from Mary Beale's (?) pocket-book: "I made exchange with Mr. Henny, half an ounce of Ultramarine for four pound of his Smalt which he valued at eight shillings a pound, being the best and finest ground Smalt that ever came into England". Some work is signed A D Hennin.
Malcolm Jones notes the following early references (personal communication, July 2011):
Sale (Wing C7666), 14 June 1689, Lot 100, "An obscene Piece, by the life of Mr. Henny"
Sale (Wing C76263), 19 May 1690, Lot 7, "a landskip of 2 naked women by Mr. Henii"
Sale (C7646), 24th Sept 1690, Lot 72, "a Landskip of Naked Women by Henne"
Sale (Wing C7664) 17-19 March 1692, Lot 424, "a Landskip with Figures finely painted by Henny"
Sale (Wing I138), 22 Feb 1692, Lot 95, "The Daught[er] of Fr. Halst the Painter by Henny"
Two entries in Adriaen Beverland's catalogue of paintings in his collection, published in 1711: item 8, "Renaud and Armide by Henny, 1699"; item 9. A Landskip by the same "Italico ritu, 1704"
Jones also notes that Hennin painted Princess Mary pointing at the orange tree in 1677, when she was aged 15, i.e. in the year she married William of Orange (now in Palace Het Loo, Apeldoorn)