William Hibbart (Biographical details)

William Hibbart (printmaker; British; Male; 1725 - 1808)

Also known as

Hibbart, William; Hibbert, William


Printmaker working in Bath. During the course of his life the spelling of his surname changed to 'Hibbert'. By 1755, established as engraver, teacher and heraldic painter at Merchant's Court, Bath; 1779, in partnership with William Gingell at 8 Bridge St; his son, John (q.v.) worked with him at that address untill 1800; by 1805 gave his address as 7 Chapel Row, but died in 1808 at 8 Chapel Row, evidently his son's address. Trade card, Banks 59.91, for 'Hibbert/ Engraver,/ Copper-Plate/ Printer &c/ No 8, Bridge St, Bath' may be for father or son.