Louis Philippe Joseph, duc d'Orléans (Biographical details)

Louis Philippe Joseph, duc d'Orléans (royal/imperial; French; Male; 1747 - 1793)

Also known as

Louis Philippe Joseph; Louis Philippe II d'Orléans; Louis Philippe Joseph d'Orléans; Orléans, Louis Philippe d'; Philippe Egalité; Orléans; Chartres


Son of Louis Philippe d'Orléans, and Louise Henriette de Bourbon. Cousin of King Louis XVI; supported the French Revolution and took the name Philippe-Egalité in 1792 when he became a deputy for Paris; voted for execution of the king, but was himself guillotined in 1793. His son by Louise Marie Adélaïde de Bourbon-Penthièvre (whom he had married in 1769) was Louis-Philippe, King of the French (q.v.).