William Hogarth (Biographical details)

William Hogarth (printmaker; painter/draughtsman; British; Male; 1697 - 1764)

Also known as

Hogarth, William


at the Golden Ball, corner of Cranbone Alley, Little Newport Street, London (c.1720; Masquerades and Operas was sold from this address which was that of James Regnier, printseller and artists' supplier, q.v.) Leicester Fields Chiswick


Painter, draughstman and engraver; b. London 1697; d. there 1764; influential figure in London 1740s; son in law of Thornhill; trained as ornamental engraver and began career producing satirical prints; trained as painter at Vanderbank Academy; active as a painter friom 1728/9, specializing in portraits and genre to mid 1730s; engraved series of moral subjects 1732 'The Harlot's Progress'; secured copyright for next engraved series 'The Rake's Progress' 1735 (after paintings now at Soane Museum); upon death of Thornhill 1734 inherited equipment of Academy run by Thornhill and established St. Martin's Lane Academy; visited Paris 1743; turned to engraving and writing c. 1748-53, when he wrote 'The Analysis of Beauty'. Trade cards in Heal Collection. Heal,59.80 (and Banks,59.97) advertise "W. Hogarth Engraver at ye Golden Ball..." and is dated April 29th, 1720. Heal's annotations on mount: "There is a very similar card to this by Hogarth for J. Chapman, Land Surveyor & Engraver, Royal Academy, Pall Mall." Heal,59.81 is a print after a trade card by William Hogarth advertising "W. Hogarth Engraver" and dated April 29th, 1720. Heal's annotations on mount: "This print is from an original card. Original shop card of Hogarth, B.M. Hogarth's works 1850,0525.7. Size of original is 4" x 3" outside." Heal,59.82 advertises "Impression from a Silver Tankard, Designed and Engraved by Hogarth." Heal,59.83 is an original impression of a design on silver used here as a trade card. The mount includes an entry from a Sotheby's auction catalogue (Sotheby's 27 April 1914) stating "Impression from silver by W.Hogarth: The Design on the Silver Tankard at ye Spillers Head 1724, Original Impression. (1) Ireland, who illustrates this plate, says that the original was sold for £10 (see his 'Hogarth', p.77). It is certainly extremely rare, according to a note on Dr. Joly's copy (previously Lord Charmont's) only six impressions were known to him." Heal's annotations on mount: "Ex Coll. J.E.Hodgkin...Lord Charlemont's copy was cut round irregularly just as this one (Hodgkin's note). See p:77 of Ireland's 'Graphic Illustrators.. Original impression - very scarce." Trade cards and bill-head in Banks Collection. Banks,59.96 is a bill-head stating "Recd.____(blank) of ___(blank) 15s being the first Payment for three Prints representing the Polling for Members of Parliament, Canvassing for Votes, & Chairing ye Members; Which I Promise to deliver when finished, on ye Payment of 16s. & 6d. more. N.B. The price will be rais'd when the Subscription is over." Above this is the statement "In humble & grateful Acknowledgement of the Grace & Goodness of the Legislature, Manifested In the Act of Parliament for the Encouragement of the Arts of Designing, Engraving &c; Obtain'd by the Endeavours & almost at the Sole Expense of the designer of this Print in the Year 1735; By which not only the Professors of those Arts were rescued from the Tyranny, Frauds & Piracies of Monopolising Dealers and Legally entitled to the Fruits of their own Labours, but Genius & Industry were also prompted by ye most noble & generous Inducements to exert themselves. Emulation was Excited, Ornamental Compositions were better understood, and every Manufacture where Fancy has any concern was gradually rais'd to a pitch of perfection before unknown, Insomuch that those of Great Britain are at present the most Elegant and the most in Esteem of any in Europe." The print is engraved "Designed, Etch'd & Published as the Act directs by Wm. Hogarth, March 20th, 1754." Trade card in Banks Collection (Banks,59.98) is similar to Banks,59.97, but gives no address.