William Holland (Biographical details)

William Holland (publisher/printer; British; Male; 1757 - 1815)

Also known as

Holland, William; Whack, Paddy; Douce, Jacob


66 Drury Lane (by July 1783 - end of 1786) 50 Oxford Street, London (end 1786- end 1802) 11 Cockspur Street, opposite Pall Mall, London (end 1802-15)


Publisher of satirical and other prints. In business by July 1783 at 66 Drury Lane. At end of 1786 moved to 50 Oxford Street, with sign of 'Garrick's Richard'. Called by The Times a 'great Jacobin', and imprisoned Feb.1793 for a year for selling a pamphlet by Thomas Paine. End of 1802 moved to 11 Cockspur Street, where continued publishing until his death.
A print of 25 May 1815 was published from 11 Cockspur St by A.C.Holland (BMSat.12544). In January 1817 E.Brooks (qv) was calling himself Holland's successor.
Holland etched himself on occasion: see eg. BMSat.7632. His publications also are lettered in an idiosyncratic way, and this and the wording is by him (so his obituary). Dorothy George suggests (note to BMSat 7182) that Holland used the pseudonym Paddy Whack c.1787-91. David Alexander (personal communication, February 2009) considers that Jacob Douce "at the Hustings, Covent Garden - and in Drury lane - April 26, 1784" (lettering on a print by William Paulet Carey, BM Satire 6556) was another pseudonym; Holland was publishing prints by Carey from 66 Drury Lane at that time.


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