Holloway (& Son) (Biographical details)

Holloway (& Son) (publisher/printer; dealer/auction house; British; Male; c.1820 - 1881)

Also known as

Holloway, Marseille; Holloway & Son; Holloway, Marseille Middleton


1835: 22 King William Street, Strand, London 1839: 14 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden c. 1849-75: 25 Bedford Street, Covent Garden, London


One of the leading dealers in London in 1850s/70s, initially in expenseive modern prints, then moving back into old masters. Also acted as print publisher. The firm was founded by Marseille Middleton Holloway (ca.1820-81), and continued after his death into the early XXc., presumably under his son (since called Holloway & Son by 1875). Published a catalogue of autographs and manuscripts for sale in 1861 (copy in BL).
Probably the M.Holloway who wrote the privately printed catalogue of Alfred Morrison's collection of portrait engravings in 1868. Sold Meryons to the duc d'Aumale in 1869 (PQ 2004, p.425)
Sold large group of classic line engravings to the BM in 1851: see 1851,0712.1 to 171. For MMH gift to BM, see 1870,112.359 to 384.
Sales: Christie's, 14.vi.1873 (pictures); Paris, 2-3.ii.1880 (pictures); Sotheby's, 1.iii.1911 (prints and drawings); 24.iii.1911 (pictures and prints); cooperated with Ackermann & Co (q.v.).


Lugt 1875 and 1896