Elias Holwein (Biographical details)

Elias Holwein (printmaker; German; Male; 1603 - 1659; active from 1603)

Also known as

Holwein, Elias; Hollwein, Elias


German block-cutter and printer, from 1600 recorded as resident in Wolfenbüttel. In 1603 lived in a part of town known as 'Löwenkule', married Anna N. From 1603 active as 'Formschneider', in 1616 took over the printing establishment of Konrad Horn (owned from 1603 by Julius Adolf von Söhne), and worked from 1616 to 1627 as printer in Wolfenbüttel (Thieme-Becker: until 1632). From 1628 to 1651 printer in Celle, and from 1651 to 1656 in Stade, where he died on 18 August 1659. His widow continued the printing operation for three more years. His best known work is a group of woodcut portraits of the ducal family of Brunswick.