Samuel van Hoogstraten (Biographical details)

Samuel van Hoogstraten (painter/draughtsman; author/poet; Dutch; Male; 1627 - 1678)

Also known as

Hoogstraten, Samuel van


Painter, draughtsman, etcher and writer. Born in Dordrecht, where taught by his father, Dirck, after whose death in 1640 he studied under Rembrandt in Amsterdam. He returned to Dordrecht in or before 1648. In 1651 he worked for the Emperor in Vienna, and was recorded there again in 1653 after a stay in Rome in 1652. Back in Dordrecht in 1654, he married there two years later. He settled for a time in London, probably from 1662-6, and subsequently in The Hague, where he joined Pictura, a confraternity of painters. By 1673 he had returned to Dordrecht where he died in 1678, the year after he had published there a courtier's handbook, Den Eerlyken Jongeling, and the year in which his treatise on art, the Inleyding tot de Hooge Schoole der Schilderkonst, was published.
As well as in his writings, his versatility is manifested in his work as an artist. He treated every kind of subject-matter, and produced etchings and numerous drawings as well as paintings. His early work is influenced by Rembrandt, but from the 1650s he practised a more courtly style.


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