Hugh Howard (Biographical details)

Hugh Howard (painter/draughtsman; collector; Irish; British; Male; 1675 - 1738)

Also known as

Howard, Hugh


Portrait painter; b. Dublin; d. London 1738; to Holland with Lord Pembroke 1697; in Rome until 1700, where he studied painting under Carlo Maratta at Academy of St Luke; returned to London where active as portrait painter c. 1701-14, when he married and left off painting for government employment as Keeper of State Papers; Paymaster of the Royal Palaces from 1726. He held a high reputation as a connoisseur, and advised Duke of Devonshire and Earl of Pembroke on their collections. His own large collection of prints and drawings was bequeathed to his brother Robert Howard, Bishop of Elphin whose son became the 1st Earl of Wicklow. The fifth Earl (q.v.) sold the collection at auction at Sotheby's in 1873, after the British Museum had been allowed to select those items that it wanted (registered as 1874,0808.1 to 2449). See further on the entry on the 5th Earl of Wicklow.


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