Hannah Humphrey (Biographical details)

Hannah Humphrey (publisher/printer; British; Female; 1745 - 1818; c.)

Also known as

Humphrey, Hannah; Humphreys, Hannah; Humphries, Hannah


Addresses from index to George: 18 Old Bond Street (1778-83) 3 Bedford Court, Covent Garden (1786? - see biography below) 51 New Bond Street (1783-9) 18 Old Bond Street (1790-94) 37 New Bond Street (1794-7) 27 St James's Street (1797-1817)


Known as Mrs Humphrey although she was unmarried. Sister of William Humphrey (q.v.), from whose address in St Martin's Lane she published her first prints. Publisher of expensive satirical prints, especially by Gillray who worked for her exclusively from 1791, and who lived in her house for the last twenty years of his life. Her name appears on publication lines with a variety of spellings. Her business was inherited by George Humphrey the younger (qv), her nephew and son of George Humphrey the elder, the dealer in curiosities.
A satire on Colonel George Hanger, Baron Coleraine (BMSat 6977), published in 1786, has the address "HHumphreys No3 Bedford Court Covt. Garden"; this is not otherwise recorded as an address for Hannah Humphreys, but has been entered here until further information comes to light (August 2007).
Among the Banks trade cards are: "Humphrey, printseller", no. 18 Old Bond Street '1789' and no. 51 New Bond Street '1786' (D,2.3379); "Humphreys, engraver and printseller", no. 3, Bedford Court, Bedford Street, Covent Garden '1788' and no. 31, Villiers Street, Strand '1790'; "Humphreys, engraver" 11 Shug Lane Haymarket and no. 11 Villiers Street Strand.


DNB (by Tim Clayton)
Sale 1835: Sc.A.1.6(9)