Henry "Orator" Hunt (Biographical details)

Henry "Orator" Hunt (politician/statesman; British; Male; 1773 - 1835)

Also known as

Hunt, Henry


Radical politician, known as "Orator Hunt" for his public speeches advocating universal suffrage and annual parliaments. On 16 August 1819, he and other speakers were arrested while addressing over 60,000 people at St. Peter's Fields, Manchester; the assembly was dispersed by the militia with the aid of a company of hussars and within fifteen minutes fifteen people were dead and more than 400 injured. The event became known as the Peterloo massacre in ironic reference to the victory at Waterloo four years earlier. Hunt was arrested in 1820 and imprisoned for two years for his radical views. 1830-32, MP for Preston, Lancashire.

Hunt was the first to petition Parliament in support of women's suffrage in 1832, but this was met with antagonism.