Gerard de Jode (Biographical details)

Gerard de Jode (publisher/printer; printmaker; Flemish; Male; 1516/17 - 1591)

Also known as

Jode, Gerard de; de Jode, Gerard; Jode, Geeraert de; Jode, Geerart de; Jode, Gheerde de; Jode, Girard de; Jode, Gerardo de; Jode, Gheraerde de


Engraver, mapmaker and publisher. Born in Nijmegen, active in Antwerp from 1547 at latest. Published numerous maps, many of which were engraved by the brothers Johannes and Lucas Doetecum, who had also worked for Cock. He received a printing privilege in 1551. De Jode published many engravings by Johannes Wierix, Harmen Muller, Adriaen Collaert, Johannes Sadeler and after Flemish designers such as Maarten de Vos and Ambrosius Francken. His greatest project was a set of Bible illustrations, finally published under the title 'Thesaurus Veteris et Novi Testamenti' in 1585; the plates were constantly updated. Died in Antwerp, 1591. After his death his widow continued with the business helped by Cornelis (her publications are catalogued in the BM with her husband). Father of Pieter I and Cornelis (qq.v.). On their deaths passed to Pieter de Jode I.


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