Pieter de Jode II (Biographical details)

Pieter de Jode II (publisher/printer; printmaker; Flemish; Male; 1606 - 1670-74)

Also known as

Jode, Pieter de; Iode, Pieter de; Jode, Petrus iunior de; Jode, Pieter de Jonge


Engraver, publisher and art dealer; only son of Pieter de Jode I (q.v.). Born in Antwerp, active in Antwerp and master of the Guild of St Luke from 1628/9. Married to Elizabeth Loemans (d.1642) and Clara van den Enden (d.1652/3), sister of Martinus van den Enden (q.v.). Worked for Anthony van Dyck (q.v.) and his work is often difficult to distinguish from that of his father (he probably only signed as Pieter de Jode junior until his father's death in 1634). 1631-32 in Paris, 1667 in Brussels. Financial troubles in 1651. Died after 1674, and what remained of family business passed to his son Arnold de Jode (q.v.) who died in London. Teacher of Mattheus Borrekens (q.v.).


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