Christian Josi (Biographical details)

Christian Josi (publisher/printer; printmaker; Dutch; Male; 1768 - 1828)

Also known as

Josi, Christian; Josi, Christiaan


Stipple engraver, etcher, publisher, dealer, collector. Born in Utrecht and worked in Amsterdam where assistant to Ploos van Amstel (q.v.). In London with a scholarship to be trained by John Raphael Smith (from August 1791 to October 1795). There married Carolina Susanna Chalon, the daughter of Jan Chalon (qv). Returned to Amsterdam where acquired the collections of Ploos van Amstel, to whom he was related through his wife, soon after 1800. Became an art dealer, with a high reputation for connoisseurship; sold Cornelis Ploos van Amstel's famous collection of Rembrandt etchings to the 5th Earl of Aylesford. In 1815 one of the Dutch Committee recovering works of art after the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars. Moved and settled in London in 1819, where remained active in the trade. Published in 1821 his 'Collection d'imitations de dessins d'après les principaux maitres Hollandais et Flamands', which completed in 100 prints the series by Ploos van Amstel, who had stopped after 46 plates. The preface contains an autobiography.
Father of Henry Josi (q.v.). Died in Ramsgate, Kent.


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Information from Nicholas Stogdon