Francis Jukes (Biographical details)

Francis Jukes (printmaker; painter/draughtsman; British; Male; 1745 - 1812)

Also known as

Jukes, Francis


1 Great Marylebone Street (May 1783) 3 Howland Street, London (October 1784) 10 Howland Street, London (1787-April 1808) 57, Upper John Street, Fitzroy Square (1808-1812)


Engraver and watercolourist. Born in Martley, Worcestershire; Very early specialist in aquatint, which he learnt from Paul Sandby and was using from at least 1777 (see Henry Pelham's map of the siege of Boston, published 2 June 1777). Sometimes published in conjunction with Sargent (1809). Died in London of 'the effluvia from the pernicious acid' which 'brought an oppression upon his breath'. Works include land- and seascapes; literary, sport and genre themes; animal studies; and caricatures.


Obituary, Gentleman's Magazine, 82 (March 1812), p.300