Everard Kick (Biographical details)

Everard Kick (painter/draughtsman; Dutch; Male; 1636 - 1701 after)

Also known as

Kick, Everard; Kickius, Everhardus; Kikius, Edward


Natural history draughtsman of great competence, who came from Holland to work for Hans Sloane. The plates in Sloane's 'Natural History of Jamaica' 1707 (plants), and 1725 (zoology) were engraved by Michael van der Gucht after drawings made for Sloane by the Rev. Garret Moore (in Jamaica) and Kickius back in London (many are dated 1700 and 1701). These are now mainly in the Sloane Herbarium in the Natural History Museum (that in vol.II fol.61v is signed and dated 'anno aetatis suae 64, July 26 1700). There are also drawings by him in the Royal collection, at Badminton, and in the BM.


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