Elisha Kirkall (Biographical details)

Elisha Kirkall (printmaker; British; Male; c.1682 - 1742)

Also known as

Kirkall, Elisha; Kirkall, Edward


Vine (Wine) Office Court, Fleet Street (1721-4: see Burlington Mag. 1998, p.95, n.10)


Printmaker, traditionally wrongly called 'Edward'. b. Sheffield, to London c.1700. Worked in a wide variety of types and genres. Used a unique charoscuro technique in the 1720s combining woodcut, etching and mezzotint (see curator's comment for X,6.108). Photograph of trade card in Heal Collection (Heal,59.97) advertising "All sorts of Engraving as Steel & Silver Sealls [sic] with Flat Stitch upon Copper Plates Large or small & all Coats of Arms according to true Heraldry by E. Kirkall. Against ye Morris Dancers in St. Martins Le grand." Heal's annotations on mount: "Bagford Bills. Circa 1715. See back of mount for Kirkall's receipt 1722 (Heal,59.98). Bryan's 'Dictionary of Painters & Engravers' says Edward Kirkall was born at Sheffield about 1695 & is supposed to have engraved plates in an edition of Terrence issued in 1712. He engraved bookplates also. Pope in his 'Dunciad' says 'In flowers & pearls bounteous [sic] Kirkall drest [sic]' referring to his liberal decorations in his portraits of the day. In 1724 he was in Wine Office Court, Fleet St." Heal,59.98 is a subscription receipt stating "London 1772. Received of_____One Guinea being the first Payment for 12 Prints in Claro Obscuro which I Promise to deliver when Finished on the Payment of One Guinea more. Witness my Hand: E Kirkall." Heal's annotations on mount: "See front of mount for photograph of Kirkall's trade-card (Heal,59.97)"


Edward Hodnett 'Elisha Kirkall c.1682-1742, Master of White Line Engraving in Relief and Illustrator of Croxall's Aesop' in the Book Collector, 1976 (reprint in P&D Library at Ar.5.3,11)