Sir Godfrey Kneller (Biographical details)

Sir Godfrey Kneller (painter/draughtsman; German; British; Male; 1646 - 1723)

Also known as

Kneller, Godfrey; Kniller, Gottfried


Portrait painter; b. Lübeck; d. London; trained in Amsterdam under Bol (possibly also under Rembrandt?); 1672-75 in Rome and Venice; settled in London 1676; appointed Principal Painter to William III and Mary (jointly with Riley) 1688, retaining office until his death; knighted 1692; made baronet 1715; appointed Governor of the first Academy in England 1711; often signed and dated his pictures, sometimes with monogram GK; sketchbooks and an album in P&D with drawings by Edward Byng and others (1897,0813.3 to 9) contain studies after portraits made in the Kneller studio.


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