Philips Koninck (Biographical details)

Philips Koninck (printmaker; painter/draughtsman; Dutch; Male; 1619 - 1688)

Also known as

Koninck, Philips; Koning, Philips de


Born in Amsterdam. He was the pupil of his elder brother, Jacob Koninck (q.v.) in Rotterdam in around 1637-40. In 1641 he married there Cornelia Furnerius, sister of Abraham Furnerius (q.v.), but probably in the same year returned to Amsterdam, where he was based until his death. His first wife died in 1642 and in 1657 he married Margaretha de Rijn.
He is said to have studied with Rembrandt by Arnold Houbraken (1718-21, II, p.53) and the connection seems probable from his landscapes, which from the 1640s are indebted to Rembrandt in style. His figure-studies also reveal a debt to Rembrandt, while his figurative paintings, more than his drawings, suggest the additional influence of Flemish artists, including Adriaen Brouwer.


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