Hon Christopher Lennox-Boyd (Biographical details)

Hon Christopher Lennox-Boyd (collector; British; Male; 1941 - 2012)

Also known as

Lennox-Boyd, Christopher; Lennox-Boyd Collection


Son of Alan Tindal Lennox Boyd, Viscount Boyd of Merton (q.v.).
Print collector; especially of British mezzotints; co-author, "George Stubbs: the Complete Engraved Works" (London, 1989); "Theatre: the Age of Garrick" (London, 1994).
A selection of over 7,000 prints from the Lennox-Boyd Collection of c .50,000 mezzotints, that were lacking in the BM collection, was acquired in 2010 with the help of the National Heritage Memorial Fund, the Art Fund, the British Museum Friends, and a public appeal. A large number of additional states and prints of documentary interest were generously included at a nominal price; a group of over 100 prints (chiefly non-mezzotints), drawings related to prints and print-trade ephemera was given in the following year. Full entries from the Lennox-Boyd database were made available, giving numerous additions and changes to John Chaloner Smith, "British Mezzotinto Portraits" (London, 1878-84, 4 pts). The Lennox-Boyd database entries were of particular value for cataloguing the early mezzotint subjects (not covered by Chaloner Smith) and the contribution made by Nicholas Stogdon (q.v) with unpublished material only recorded on the Lennox-Boyd database, as well as information from the draft catalogue produced by James Ganz in preparation for his Ph.D thesis (Yale, 2000), particularly must be acknowledged. In addition, the posture mezzotints (drolls) were catalogued by Patricia Seligman. A number of others, including Guy Shaw and Cristiane Treichl, also contributed.