José de Madrazo (Biographical details)

José de Madrazo (printmaker; painter/draughtsman; collector; Spanish; Male; 1781 - 1859)

Also known as

Madrazo y Agudo, José de; Madrazo, Jose


Painter, etcher, lithographer; father of Federico Madrazo (q.v.); studied in Paris and in Rome with Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (q.v.); appointed court painter to Charles IV of Spain (1813) and Ferdinand VII (q.v.); founder and director of the Real Establecimiento Litográfico (q.v.), and Director of the Museo de Madrid (now the Prado).
According to the Sotheby sale catalogue in 1869 of the Marquis of Salamanca (q.v.), the Salamanca collection was 'formed' by the eminent Spanish painter José de Madrazo y Agudo, but is unclear if this means he formerly owned the works or if he was the artistic adviser. At the Salamanca sale in 1869 much of it came to the British Museum. Madrazo's name has been added to the BM records to reflect his involvement, if not his actual ownership of the works.


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