Nicolaes Maes (Biographical details)

Nicolaes Maes (painter/draughtsman; Dutch; Male; 1634 - 1693)

Also known as

Maes, Nicolaas; Maas, Nicolaas; Maes, Nicolaes


After training as a youth with a local painter in his native Dordrecht, Maes became a pupil of Rembrandt, probably in the later 1640s. His first dated painting is from 1653, by which time he had returned to Dordrecht where he married in December of that year. His wife, Adriana Brouwers, had a son by a previous marriage, Justus de Gelder, also an artist (about whom little is known - see Maes cat. no.10; 1895,0915.1342). Maes is best known as a genre and portrait painter, but also painted biblical scenes. Probably in the 1660s he visited Antwerp, and his style was later dependent on the courtly, Flemish style developed by Rubens, Jordaens (whom he met in Antwerp) and Van Dyck. From 1674 until his death in 1693 he worked in Amsterdam.