Percival Chater Manuk (Biographical details)

Percival Chater Manuk (collector; British; Male; 1873 - 1946)

Also known as

Manuk, Percival Chater


Dehra Dun, India (84 Rajpur-road)


A high court judge in Patna, and pioneer collector of Indian miniatures (inspiring W.G.Archer's interest in the subject). Bequeathed c.1,400 objets d'art including European and Oriental pictures, miniatures, manuscripts, enamels, Georgian and Indian silver objects, Chinese and other porcelains, glass, carpets, etc through the NACF (q.v.) to the British Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, Fitzwilliam and Bristol Art Gallery. His bequest was stipulated also to bear the name of Miss G.M.Coles (q.v.), who was his companion in his later years. In his will (which was lodged at Somerset House as he left property in the UK) he stated that he had given the collection to Miss Coles "in consideration of her retaining for my exclusive use at all times a suite of rooms in her London house." There is a reference in the will to his wife's poor mental health: "As the condition of my wife's mental health precluded me from leaving her any portion of personal property or effects, I have already long ago made an absolute gift to the late Gertrude Mary Coles of the whole of my collection of objects d'art"; in the event Miss Coles died two months before Manuk's death on 6 August 1946.

The unwanted residue of the collection was sold in 1948-9, raising £5,326 for the NACF.

There are 'Mannochs' referred to in the Far East.


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