Marcantonio (Biographical details)

Marcantonio (printmaker; Italian; Male; 1470/1482 - 1527/1534)

Also known as

Marcantonio Raimondi; Raimondi, Marcantonio; Marcantonio


Engraver; born in Argini (?). Pupil of Francesco Francia in Bologna. In Venice between c.1506-08, where he began engraving copies after Dürer, for which Dürer famously bought legal proceedings against him in 1506. Briefly visited Florence, then moved to Rome in c.1510-11, where he began his collaboration with Raphael. His earliest engraving after Raphael is probably 'Dido' of c.1510; it is from this date on that Raimondi primarily engraved the designs of Raphael and his circle. Crucially developed a systematic graphic vocabulary which could be easily taught. Founded a school of engravers including Marco Dente, Agostino dei Musi and Giovanni Jacopo Caraglio.
Signs his prints with a monogram MAF or a blank tablet


Bartsch XIV (in single numbering sequence with Marco da Ravenna and Agostino Veneziano)