Pierre Jean Mariette (Biographical details)

Pierre Jean Mariette (publisher/printer; dealer/auction house; collector; French; Male; 1694 - 1774)

Also known as

Mariette, Pierre Jean


Son of Jean Mariette (q.v.), whose business he inherited and continued. Sold up in 1750, when much stock bought by Jombert. He then devoted himself entirely to writing and collecting. Perhaps the most important figure of his age in the art world, with a vast correspondence across Europe, and a hand in most of the major projects of the period.
His personal collection of old master drawings and prints was sold by auction after his death in 1775. His mounts (blue card with wash-lines and pen attributions in an elegant cartouche) are among the best-known in the history of collecting Old Master drawings.
His so-called Abecedario is the title given to the XIXc publication of excerpts from his 'Notes Manuscrites' that are now in the BN.


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