Master of the Drapery Studies (Biographical details)

Master of the Drapery Studies (painter/draughtsman; designer; German; 1470 - 1497; approximate dates of actvity)

Also known as

Master of the Drapery Studies; Master of the Coburg Roundels


Draughtsman, designer of glass-paintings and painter, who worked in the upper Rhine (Strasbourg?) region. About 150 drawings, many of drapery studies, have been attributed to this interesting and prolific artist. Approximately one-third of them are housed in the Veste Coburg. Thorlacius-Ussing was the first to identify the hand when he published a small number of drawings in Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Frankfurt and elsewhere as being the sheets of a single sketchbook by a south German artist executed c. 1490. Buchner called the artist the Master of the Coburg Roundels after two drawings of roundels in the Veste Coburg probably made for glass-paintings. He also associated with the artist eleven further drawings and two paintings of the ‘Death of the Virgin’ (Cologne, Wallraf-Richartz Museum, and Cracow, National Museum). Winkler expanded the list to about a hundred drawings and named the artist the Master of the Drapery Studies, because of the preponderance of this type of work. Many of his drawings record paintings, sculpture and engravings of Netherlandish or German origin. Connections with Strasbourg are indicated by links with the Strasbourg glass-painter Peter Hemmel (c. 1422-after 1501), some of whose work this artist recorded; and also by the false Schongauer and Dürer monograms on many of the Master's drawings which were inscribed by the Strasbourg chronicler and collector Sebald Büheler on drawings in his collection (see 1873,0111.53).
The artist was an inveterate copyist and as there are no surviving copies by him of Dürer's earliest signed prints, it would seem likely that he was dead by 1497, the year in which Dürer produced his first dated engraving. See the dissertation by Roth for a recent assessment of his output.


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