Conrad Martin Metz (Biographical details)

Conrad Martin Metz (printmaker; painter/draughtsman; German; British; Male; 1749 - 1827)

Also known as

Metz, Conrad Martin


13 Thayer Street, Manchester Square, London. (1798-1800)


Engraver and painter, b. Bonn, son of the painter Johann Metz; Bartolozzi pupil in London by 1781. Exh. RA 1781-94, and SA 1783. Major publication the 'Imitations of Ancient and Modern Drawings' (1st ed 1789, 2nd ed with text 1798). Moved to Rome in 1801 where remained to death on 16 December 1827. Trade card in Heal Collection (Heal,59.108) advertises "Imitations on Drawings by Parmegiano In the Collection of His Majesty. Engrav'd & Publish'd by Conrad Martin Metz, London MDCCXC." Heal's annotations on mount: "Conrad Martin Metz, eminent engraver, pupil of Bartolozzi, b. 1755 - d.1827."


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