Molière (Biographical details)

Molière (actor/entertainer; author/poet; French; Male; 1622 - 1673)

Also known as

Molière; Poquelin, Jean Baptiste; Molière, Jean Baptiste; Poquelin de Molière, Jean Baptiste


Actor and playwright; b. Jean Baptiste Poquelin, stage name Molière, which he took c.1644; author of satirical plays, including 'Les Précieuses Ridicules' (1659), 'L'Ecole des Femmes' (1662), 'Tartuffe' (1664, banned), 'Don Juan' (1665, banned); founded his own troupe with actress Marianne Béjart, 'L'Illustre Théâtre', in 1643 (later became 'La Troupe de Molière'); married actress Armande Béjart (q.v.), in 1662; died after suffering a fit of coughing and haemorrhaging whilst performing 'Le Malade Imaginaire' (1673).


Paul Lacroix, Iconographie Molieresque, Paris 1872