Lady Anne Monson (Biographical details)

Lady Anne Monson (Female; c.1727 - 1776)

Also known as

Monson, Anne; Vane, Anne; Hope-Vere, Anne


Botanist and collector of plants and insects. Daughter of Henry Vane, first earl of Darlington (c.1705–1758), and his wife, Lady Grace Fitzroy (1697–1763); she was thus a great-granddaughter of Charles II. Wife of 1) Charles Hope-Vere of Craigiehall (1710-1791) and 2) Colonel George Monson (1730-76) an army officer in India. She was well-known to Mary Delany, and to James Lee, whom she probably assisted with the production of his 'Introduction to botany, extracted from the work of Dr Linnaeus', London, 1760.