Palle Nielsen (Biographical details)

Palle Nielsen (printmaker; painter/draughtsman; Danish; Male; 1920 - 2000)

Also known as

Nielsen, Palle


Painter and printmaker, born 1920, the son of a merchant; grew up near the harbour in the old part of Copenhagen, which inspired him to depict towns and cities; studied at the arts and crafts school, privately and at The Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts; illustrated European novels; worked at the Academy's special workshop for graphic artists which became the meeting place for the generation following the Cobra group (Jorn, Mortensen, Jacobsen, Pedersen etc, q.q.v); first contemporary Dane to be awarded a prize at the Venice Biennale 1958; exhibited worldwide; worked in series - Passion, 25 woodcuts 1949, The Great World Bunker, 12 woodcuts 1950, The Road to the City I, 5 woodcuts 1953, The Enchanted City II, 15 linocuts, 1953, The Soldier and the Child, 27 woodcuts, 1954, Orpheus and Eurydice, 53 woodcuts, 1955-59, Lamentations of Jeremiah, 20 woodcuts 1960-61.


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