Henry Ninham (Biographical details)

Henry Ninham (printmaker; British; Male; 1793 - 1874)

Also known as

Ninham, Henry


Etcher and lithographer, chiefly of landscapes and antiquities. Son of John Ninham, heraldic painter and copper-plate printer, who drew the Gates of Norwich which were about to be demolished, using a camera obscura in 1792. Succeeded to his father's business and later began exhibiting oil and watercolours in Norwich. Series of etchings included 'Eight Etchings Antiquities of Norwich', 'Views of the Gates of Norwich' from drawing by Kirkpatrick of c. 1720 and a series of small views of Norfolk and Norwich for private circulation; etched illustrations for Blomes' 'Castle Acre' and Grigor's 'Eastern Arboretum'; produced lithographs from his designs for 'Remnants of Antiquitiy in Norwich' and 'Norwich Corporation Pageantry' published by Mr Muskett (d. c. 1842); contributed illustrations to 'Norfolk Archaeology' and other antiquarian works.


Obituary inserted into a bound volume of 'Nine Original Etchings of Picturesque Antiquities', 1842 (173,b.5)