Richard Payne Knight (Biographical details)

Richard Payne Knight (politician/statesman; collector; British; Male; 1751 - 1824)

Also known as

Payne Knight, Richard; Knight, Richard Payne; Richard Payne Knight


His fortune based on that of his grandfather, the ironmaster Richard Knight (1659-1745); took his middle name from his grandmother, Elizabeth Payne. Travelled to Italy, 1772-3 and 1776-7. 1774-8, rebuilt the family seat as Downton Castle; 1790s, redesiged the landscape of the estate in the picturesque style. MP 1780-1806, supporter of Charles James Fox. 1781, elected to the Society of Dilettanti. 1805, one of founders of British Institution. 1814, trustee of the BM and bequeathed his collections of small bronzes, coins, gems, cameos, and old master drawings.

[Sometimes referred to as RPK]


See Oxford Dictionary of National Biography; also National Register of Archives.