Emily Warren (Biographical details)

Emily Warren (British; Female; 1778; fl.)

Also known as

Pott, Emily; Bertie, Emily; Coventry, Emily; Warren, Emily


Emily Warren was a courtesan who regularly modelled for Sir Joshua Reynolds (see especially his painting of her as Thais completed in 1781) and for Romney and Dance.According to information kindly supplied by John Ford, she accompaned Robert Pott, a friend of the artist William Hickey, to Bengal c 1778 but died there shortly afterwards on a voyage between Madras and Calcutta. Pott commissioned an ostentatious mausoleum in South Park Street cemetery in Calcutta, said to have cost him £3000. He also paid £1000 for a column to be'erected amonst the herds of tigers at Culpee, because at that jungly place she breathed her last'.


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