Ethel Pye (Biographical details)

Ethel Pye (painter/draughtsman; British; Female; 1882 - 1960?; fl. 1909 - 49)

Also known as

Pye, Ethel


Draughtsman and sculptor. Sister of the bookbinder Sybil Pye. Moved in the circle that included Rupert Brooke and Virginia Woolf. Her work was shown in the 1909 and 1913 exhibitions of the International Society of Sculptors, Painters and Gravers. Exhibited at the Women's International Art Club exhibition, 1932 and in 1949 at the Kensington Art Gallery. Some of her drawings were donated to the British Museum by her nephew, the woodworker, designer and author, David Pye (1914-1992)