Jonathan Richardson Senior (Biographical details)

Jonathan Richardson Senior (printmaker; painter/draughtsman; collector; British; Male; 1667 - 1745)

Also known as

Richardson, Jonathan


Portrait painter, writer on art, collector and etcher; student of the painter John Riley; both he and his son Jonathan Richardson Junior (q.v.) were among the best art connoisseurs of the period, particularly in works of the Italian School and together they published a series of travel notes in 1722 entitled 'An Account of some of the Statues, Bas-reliefs, Drawings and Pictures in Italy' (2 vols.); alone, Richardson Senior wrote 'Essay on the Theory of Painting' (1715), 'Essay on the whole Art of Criticism in Relation to Painting and an Argument in behalf of the Science of the Connoisseur' (1719). His works were reprinted together in 1773.


Lugt 2183 & 2184
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