Charles Ricketts (Biographical details)

Charles Ricketts (designer; collector; British; Male; 1866 - 1931)

Also known as

Ricketts, Charles; Ricketts, Charles de Sousy


Illustrator, printer, author, book and stage designer; born in Geneva and grew up in France and Italy; 1882 began studying at the City and Guilds Technical Art School in Lambeth, where he met Charles Shannon (q.v.), who was to become his life-long partner; together they founded the Dial Magazine, published between 1889-1897, and the Vale Press, producing some 75 books; later Ricketts worked with the Evagny Press; from 1902 he concentrated on painting and sculpture, exhibiting at the Royal Academy
(RA, 1928) and with the Society of Sculptors, Painters and Engravers; from 1902 he designed for theatres in London and Dublin.


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