Sir John Charles Robinson (Biographical details)

Sir John Charles Robinson (curator; collector; British; Male; 1824 - 1913)

Also known as

Robinson, John Charles; Robinson, J C


Collector, scholar, and central figure in the Victorian art world. Art advisor at the South Kensington Museum (Victoria and Albert), where built up initial collection before falling out with his superiors. Advisor to John Malcolm (q.v.) and author of pioneering catalogue of the Michelangelo drawings in Oxford. Amateur etcher (the BM has a complete collection of his 40 plates, in almost all known states, presented by himself or his family).
Lived in Swanage where reliefs from his collection are incorporated into public buildings.


DNB; Lugt 1433
E.L.Allhusen, Print Collectors Quarterly, VIII 1921, pp.299ff (with a catalogue of 30 etchings by A.M.Hind; the numbering given on the database is that revised in typescript by Hind after a donation in 1925 from Robinson's executors; this has an extra 10 plates and new states of the earlier plates)
Thesis by Helen Davies