Max Rosenheim (Biographical details)

Max Rosenheim (collector; British; Male; 1849 - 1911)

Also known as

Rosenheim, Max


Collector; elder brother of Maurice Rosenheim (q.v.), both wine merchants, who collected Renaissance works of art and were generous donors to the BM; both were members of the original Friends of the British Museum (q.v.), together with C.D.E Fortnum (q.v.). During 1904-5 he worked as a volunteer in P&D arranging the Franks collection of foreign bookplates, a subject in which he was expert, and in 1905 intended to write a catalogue of them (see Colvin's report dated 26 May 1905). Much of the collection sold in 1923 after the death of Maurice (see list of sales under his name). Bookplates (ex-libris) presented by Mrs Theodore Rosenheim in 1932 and stamped with the mark reproduced in Lugt 396a including the monogram BMRM; they are numbered in pencil 1-8689 and kept in boxes by country; the register number is created from this unique number, eg Ros.[enheim] 12.


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