Giovanni Giacomo de' Rossi (Biographical details)

Giovanni Giacomo de' Rossi (publisher/printer; Italian; Male; 1627 - 1691)

Also known as

Rossi, Giovanni Giacomo de'; Rubeis, Jo Jacobus de; Rossi, Giovanni Jacomo de'


Rome, alla Pace all'insegna di Parigi (apparently after c.1680; address lettered on print in 1685) Rome, ad Templum S. Maria de Pace (Latin version)


Publisher; son of Giuseppe; younger brother and successor in 1653 of Giovanni Domenico. His career blossomed from 1657 when he married a rich widow. Privilege in 1664 for ten years for everything that he might produce. Made a fortune, and built a casino on the Janiculum to the design of Baratta. Succeeded by his own son Domenico.
Giovanni Giacomo published many sets of Roman views of high quality. The main series were (see Bellini on Falda for full details):
Four books of fountains
1. Le fontane di Roma (33 numbered plates, by Falda)
2. Le fontane di Frascati (18 plates by Falda)
3. Le fontane di Roma (28 plates mostly by Venturini, with four by Falda)
4. Le fontane di Tivoli (28 plates by Venturini)
5. Li giardini di Roma (21 plates, by Falda and Simon Felice Delino)
Five books of modern Rome
6. Il Nuovo Teatro di Roma Moderna, 1665 (35 numbered plates by Falda)
7. ditto book 2, c.1665/6 (17 numbered plates by Falda)
8. ditto book 3, c.1669/70 (38 numbered plates by Falda)
9. ditto book 4, 1699 (by Alessandro Specchi)
10. ditto book 5, 1739 (by Giovanni Domenico Campiglia)
Two books of architectural drawings after Roman palaces
11. Palazzi di Roma, c.1638 (44 plates after Ferrerio)
12. Nuovi disegni dell'architettura e pinate de' Palazzi di Roma (book 2), c.1655 (61 plates by Falda, the last of which shows Rossi's own casino)


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