George Salting (Biographical details)

George Salting (collector; British; Australian; Male; 1836 - 1909)

Also known as

Salting, George


George Salting, the son of a Danish merchant who had made a fortune in Australia, was educated in England where he settled in 1857. He was an art connoisseur and benefactor. By 1858 he had become a full-time collector and till his death he devoted his entire life and fortune of about £30,000 per annum to his collection which he bequeathed to the National Gallery, London , the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. In 1904 he gave to the Museum a Chinese porcelain bowl, overlaid with gems. He bequeathed most of his Chinese ceramics to the V&A Museum along with the greater part of his carpet collection. The residue of his estate, including some porcelain, went to his niece, Lady Katherine Binning, who gave Fenton House, Hampstead, and its contents to the National Trust in 1952.


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