Lady Charlotte Schreiber (Biographical details)

Lady Charlotte Schreiber (collector; British; Female; 1812 - 1895)

Also known as

Schreiber, Charlotte; Schreiber, Charlotte Elizabeth; Guest, Charlotte; Bertie, Charlotte Elizabeth


17 Cavendish Square, London


Daughter of Albemarle Bertie, 9th Earl of Lindsay. 1833, married Sir Josiah Guest, the Welsh iron magnate and when he died she ran the ironworks; 1855, married Charles Schreiber, M.P. Distinguished Welsh scholar, published the Mabinogion (1838-49). Presented her great collection of English pottery and porcelain to the V&A in 1884. Donations to the BM included her collections of fans (1891) and games (1893); in 1895 bequeathed her collection of playing cards. Posthumous sales: Sotheby's, 20.iv.1896 (part of her library); 1-2.v.1896 (duplicate playing cards); Puttick & Simpson, 21.iii.1904 (porcelain).
Sir Charles and Lady Schreiber gave nearly 12,000 pieces of English, Continental and Chinese porcelain to the Victoria and Albert museum in 1884. The collection was the creation of Lady Schreiber, rather than her husband. The Schreibers were acquainted with A. W. Franks who advised Lady Charlotte on compiling the catalogue of the collection and recommended it should be given to the V&A. Lady Charlotte kept diaries of her travels and purchases.
Her son, Montague Guest, also a donor to the BM; her daughter, Enid Guest, married Sir Austen Henry Layard (qq.v.). In 1911 Montague Guest published "Lady Charlotte Schreiber's Journals" dealing with her collecting 1869-85.


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