Count Antoine Seilern (Biographical details)

Count Antoine Seilern (collector; German; British; American (USA); Male; 1901 - 1978)

Also known as

Seilern, Antoine


Collector, scholar and donor; his father was German, mother American. Educated in Vienna; became a British citizen after WWI and moved to London in 1939. His paintings and drawings, known as the Prince's Gate Collection (all of which he had catalogued himself in seven privately-printed volumes), were bequeathed to the Courtauld Institute. In the years after WWII he was the biggest donor to P&D through his friendship with A.E.Popham. He gave most of the Phillips-Fenwick collection of old master drawings, and numerous prints from the Liechtenstein collection. These gifts were made anonymously, but Popham later (with Seilern's permission) revealed his identity (it had been an open secret), and these gifts are therefore now recorded under his name.