Arthur Severn (Biographical details)

Arthur Severn (painter/draughtsman; designer; British; Male; 1842 - 1931)

Also known as

Severn, Arthur; Severn, Joseph Arthur Palliser


Associated with John Ruskin (q.v.); son of Joseph Severn, a painter and friend of the poet John Keats (q.v.), and brother of Ann Mary Severn (q.v.), a popular portrait painter.

Gere 1994:
He was the younger son of the painter Joseph Severn, now best remembered as having been with Keats in Rome when the poet died in 1820. He exhibited landscape watercolours, and has been described as 'essentially a water, sun and sky painter'. In 1871 he married Joan Agnew, a cousin of the Ruskins, who had acted as companion to Ruskin's mother, who died in that year. When Ruskin then moved from Denmark Hill, in South London, to the Lake District, the Severns accompanied him and remained part of the household until his death. Arthur Severn's recollections of Ruskin, edited by James Dearden, were published in 1967 under the title 'The Professor'.


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