John Sheepshanks (Biographical details)

John Sheepshanks (collector; British; Male; 1787 - 1863)

Also known as

Sheepshanks, John


172 Bod Street (early 19thC) Park House, Blackheath (1835-1850s) 24 Rutland Gate (1840s onwards)


His collection of XVIIc Dutch drawings and etchings was sold to the BM in 1836; his modern paintings given to the South Kensington Museum (later Victoria and Albert) in 1857.
It can be assumed that some of the museum's prints bought from William Smith in 1843 (1843,0513.1 to 504; and 1843,0607.1 to 233) also came from Sheepshanks; see N. Stogdon, "A descriptive catalogue of the etchings by Rembrandt in a private collection, Switzerland", s.l., 2011, p.373.


Lugt 2333, a mark put on after acquisition by the BM
1857 catalogue of gift of pictures and drawings to the V&A
Martin Royalton-Kisch in 'Landmarks in Print Collecting' BMP 1996, pp.65-79.