Reginald Stuart Poole (Biographical details)

Reginald Stuart Poole (curator; British; Male; 1832 - 1895)

Also known as

Poole, Reginald Stuart


Keeper of the Coins and Medals Department, British Museum. His mother's family were well known scholars of oriental literature. As a boy, he spent seven years in Egypt with his uncle Edward Lane (q.v.), author of the Arabic Lexicon, and developed an interest in Egyptian antiquities and Arabic literature and numismatics. His first publications were on Egyptian chronology, published in the Literary Gazette (republished in 1851 as Horae Aegypticae).Through the influence of the Duke of Northumberland, he was appointed to a post in the Department of Antiquities, British Museum in 1852, and when a separate Department of Coins and Medals was created in 1861 he was attached to it, becoming Assistant Keeper from 1866, then Keeper from 1870. Poole oversaw the systematic publication of the coin collections in British Museum Catalogues, compiling several of them himself. He retired from the British Museum in 1893. Poole had a Professorship of Archeology at University College, London, and was honoured with an LLD from the University of Cambridge for his services to archaeology and literature. He was also elected as a Correspondant de l'Academie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres of the French Insitut in 1876.


Obituary in Numismatic Chronicle 1895, p. 24.