Francis Towne (Biographical details)

Francis Towne (painter/draughtsman; British; Male; 1739 - 1816)

Also known as

Towne, Francis


Watercolourist, b. London, trained in London as a coach painter before attending St Martin's Lane Academy, later (from c. 1764) lived in Exeter, where was a drawing master, although he spent late spring and summer in London every year and exhibited regularly at the RA and later at the British Institution; returned to London in 1807?. To Switzerland and Italy in 1780-1. Bequeathed Italian albums to BM.
There has been confusion about his date and place of birth, which was resolved by R. Stephens (1996): 'Far from being a native of Devon, Towne was from Isleworth in Middlesex, eight miles west of London. His father, William Towne, was a cornchandler, whose wife was called Lydia. Francis was baptised at All Saints', Isleworth, on 19th August 1739, and seems to have been the youngest child of the family.'


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