Giovanni Andrea Vavassore (Biographical details)

Giovanni Andrea Vavassore (publisher/printer; printmaker; Italian; Male; 1518 - 1572; fl)

Also known as

Vavassore, Giovanni Andrea; Guadagnino, il


Woodcutter, printer and publisher; also called Guadagnino. Active in Venice. Began career as a printmaker, but from 1530 also began publishing. In 1530 he published a block book, 'Opera nova contemplativa per ogni fidel christiano', of which the 120 illustrations have been attributed to his brother, Florio. In 1553 Vavassore submitted a supplication to the Senate for a collection of "figures designed by the excellent masters", which he had engraved for inclusion in new editions of Petrarch, Bocaccio and Ariosto. He was granted a privilege in 1560 for the book 'Della guerra di Campagna di Roma, et del Regno di Napoli, nel Pontificado di Paolo III'. In 1566, he received another privilege for several more books. A specialist of maps, he also published pattern books.


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