Baron Jan Gijsbert Verstolk van Soelen (Biographical details)

Baron Jan Gijsbert Verstolk van Soelen (official; collector; Dutch; Male; 1776 - 1845)

Also known as

Verstolk van Soelen, Jan Gijsbert


Diplomat and collector. His spectacular collection was sold in four sales after his death, one of drawings and three of prints; auctioneers were Vries, Roos & Brondgeest in Amsterdam. See Carpenter's long reports to the Trustees dated 11 March and 18 December 1846 with a list of what he wished to purchase in the sale, asking for a budget of £6,000 (which was refused).
1. Drawings. 20 March 1847 and days following. 664 lots
2. Prints, part I. 28 June 1847 and days following. All schools, 2704 lots, plus oeuvres.
3. Prints, part II. 26 October 1847 and days following. Rembrandt and school. 1157 lots.
4. Prints, part III. 31 March 1851 and days following. Consisting of Dutch, German and English schools. 1834 lots, plus some reference books. This sale contained many of the finest groups of material, much of which came from the Fries collection. Much was bought by the London trade and found its way to the BM during the early 1850s.


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